Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dress up

Most kids, when they play dress up, are content being a princess, or whatever superhero they were for Halloween. Typically they use old costumes. Well my kids have decided to branch out a bit lately. Now, they prefer to "dress up" as Mom and Dad by stealing our coats and shoes.

This is Cami in my coat, hat, and shoes, dressed up as Mom.

Sean usually dresses up as Dad, but this time Cami convinced him to dress up as Cami, which he did. He's wearing her pink cowgirl hat and coat. Pretty!

Not content with having Sean dress up as her, Cami then insisted that I dress up as her. So I put on her coat, which hopefully didn't get stretched out too badly. It's still a picture of Mom and Cami! Cami is the taller one in this picture though, which she probably actually will be by age 10 or so.

Dressing up as your family member= always good for a few hours of entertainment :)

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